We are well into summer and this year we travelled to Cyprus.

Vaping in Cyprus is fairly new with only a handful of shops around the country. The local kiosks’, if you are fortunate to find some e-liquid, only stock one brand in particular.

This is both good and bad news for us at Vaper Street. We would one day like to introduce the vast amount of vape mods and e-liquids we have in the UK in Cyprus for reasonable prices as a bottle of 30ml will set you back 14.99euros, which isn’t overly expensive but for the brand you are getting it could be much better.

So while travelling with your vapes and e-liquids we recommend a few things;

  • Stock up – on your favourite flavours, unless you have the means to travel to a vape shop whilst abroad it may be difficult to find the strengths and flavours you desire.
  • Take a carry case – We had a nicely designed vape carry box for our mods and e-liquids but we left one out of the box (due to lack of space) and the plane journey did not look after it. We found it shattered and leaking all over our clothes. Luckily another benefit of vaping is that e-liquid washes easily out of clothes.
  • Check the vaping regulations – Of the country you plan to visit before you travel, especially if it is a less developed country as some of these devices do look like alien tech to the untrained eye.
  • Don’t forget your charger.

Here at Vaper Street we wish you happy holidays wherever you choose to go.

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