The vaping market is booming, the number of vapers has increased astronomically and continues to rise, the market has been overwhelmed by a HUGE choice of e-liquid selection’s; even the bottle sizes pose a slight dilemma for your pockets. But what are the top vape juices and whom should we throw our money at?

There are numerous ways we choose our e-liquid, personally, I choose by design. The creativity that goes into some of the labels / bottles / boxes and even names is enough to assure me that the ejuice inside is of a high quality.

Here are my favourite designs (some of these may not feature in the vape shop but hopefully will one day!):

5) EcoVape – Cookies & Cream Milkshake


The Cow says it all. EcoVape is an e-liquid brand I discovered on my travels in Cyprus. I was shocked to find this UK brand overseas but extremely thankful when I did. Not only do the black and white stripes signify something milky and creamy, but the box it came in was a full cup of milky nostalgia; the old style milk carton box – before they started using these plastic ones. The 90/10 VG PG ratio was also a big seller for me, lots of clouds, sweet tastes and a party for your taste buds.

4) Beard Vape Co – No. 88


Beard Vape Co has smashed it’s design work with a simplistic bearded head figure (very fitting with today’s trends – top marks to the designers), bold letters and an american style font. Even the names.. sorry numbers they have assigned each e-liquid adds a touch of class; not to mention the delicious taste you get whilst vaping them, especially No. 88 in particular “a familiar chocolate mint cookie”. Absolutely delicious!

3) Cosmic Fog – Sonrise


Just look at it… we are in awe. The name “Cosmic Fog”, the colour contrast of the black and red, the cloud logo wearing sunglasses, everything is just perfect. Third in this case can be considered joint first! Sonrise in particular is so delicious that only Cosmic Fog’s site description can be used to describe it: Sweet and savory passion fruit blended with smooth, exotic kiwi and pineapples. All it takes is one hit to know this will be your new all day fruit vape. It will leave you searching for all the hidden flavors until the sun comes back up.

2) The Milk Man – Churros


THE MILK MAN – The. Milk. Man. What an excellent name for an e-liquid brand. The box the ejuice comes in is just divine. The simple and elegant design associated with it is perfectly fitting, an easy choice for the top 3 brands to choose from. Churrios in particular is “cereal vaping” heaven; cinnamon, milk and fluffy churros, who wouldn;t be happy vaping that. Forget breakfast, whip out your vape mod and vape the milk man in the morning! We really hope to feature The Milk Man and all their products here at Vaper Street.

And here it is, our number one. Taste, design and name all achieve 10/10..

1) Taffyman – TR4 Blu


Taffyman boasts an excellent logo, when I see it I think of the blue enemy from pacman. Tr4 Blu is immense. Quality blueberry extract is infused with a taffy base to create a liquid that will be hard to resist for anybody. The box design and colours along with the roll off your tongue name make this our number one rated e-liquid (for the time being!). We can’t wait to one day stock this brand!

Well, that’s all for now folks, I hope this list has inspired you when it comes to choosing the right e-liquid for your heavy vape mods. This list is subject to huge change with the ever rising competition in the ejuice market.

Happy Vaping!

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