A quick one today, we won’t give you a huge choice to make choosing just as difficult as when you typed into google “What are the best atomizers of 2017”.

These are Vaper Street’s choice winners based on consistency while using, taste, vaping, overheating and coil duration.

The following Tank atomisers are our top 2 choices.

2) UWell Crown Tank

Made up of stainless steel and Quartz glass, and incorporating a determination to strive for both flavour and safety, the Crown vape Tank is highly sought after in the vaping world. Top and bottom filling allows for a high level of convenience to the user and a simplistic and stylish design means that with the Crown, you get the whole package.

It looks elegant and feels extremely well built. After priming your coils you are in for a smooth ride through the country. The taste is great, the 0.2Ohm coils set’s you up like a diesel car and does not simply drink the juice. It also allows for lower wattage vaping with reasonable vape clouds. The Uwell Crown Tank is both convenient and astounding.

You can find the Uwell Crown Tank for just under £20 on amazon (link below).

1) SMOK – TFV8 Baby Beast

The Smok TFV8 Baby Beast is the smaller version of the hugely popular Smok TFV8 vape tank. It promises to take all the great qualities of the original tank and condense them, forming a smaller but still high quality tank which is capable of truly great flavour and vapor production. With all new coils, fantastic airflow and top filling system, this is a compact but truly unbeatable tank.

This condensed tank packs a full punch. The SMOK TFV8 is one of the best tanks of 2017 (although it is still early!) For ease of use and refilling, there are non that compare. The top slides open with a firm click to close it. Without needing to detach any parts to refill the tank, you can literally refill the SMOK TFV8 on the go. The taste quality of the 0.2Ohm coils is amazing as are the clouds they produce. You can even opt in for the quad coil 0.15Ohm coils which guzzle juice like a tractor but do produce weather changing clouds of vapor.

We are big fans of SMOK Tech here at Vaper Street and this tank gets top tank of 2017!

Find it on amazon below:

Well that’s all for today folks.

Hope to see you again soon!

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