Meteor Milk by Space Jam

Welcome back guys, I hope you haven’t missed me.

In this short and sweet post I will be providing an open and honest review of the flavour Meteor Milk from the Space Jam brand.

Let me start of by saying that I have not been paid to review any of the vape products I have  so far, do not forget I am a retailer, I have paid for all the products I review and they are all honest.

Space Jam – Meteor Milk

First off, let us address the name, “Meteor Milk” by “Space Jam”. The potential in the name alone of this eliquid is unbounded. All the flavours meteor milk could portray, like a sour applish candy to go with the Alien like trend, or even something sweet and earthy. I guess I overthought this when I purchased based on the name alone.

So here it goes, I peel off the plastic wrapper, press down the child proofed cap, stick my nose in the nozzle and inhale sharply.

Did I smell that right? Really did I? fruity milk like smells, I was sure my nose was playing tricks on me so I filled my new SMOK 0.15 Ohm coils 3ml tank to full, wait a few minutes before I take my first drag (for the coils to prime).

First drag:Sweet, fruit milk tastes enter my mouth, it was not pleasant at all.

Second drag: After much hope, the taste remained exactly the same as my first drag.

Third drag: Not nice, just not nice.

As mentioned above, the taste was like fermented milk. I was not pleased, in fact, I was disappointed, after trying Space Jam Andromeda I had high hopes for Meteor Milk.

Vaper Street’s Vape Score for this particular flavour is 1/10.

Better luck next time and stick around for my review of Liquid State’s Apple Butter!

Happy Vaping!

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