Here at Vaper Street, not only do we sell products, we review them. We aim to give you a true and fair view before you click that ‘add to basket’ button which in turn helps to justify the price of our items.

We stock the limitless mod, sleeves and atomizers by Limitless Mod Co here and this is what we think of it:

Out of the box

Well, as you may or may not be aware, you have to purchase at least 4 items to get this mod up and running, these are as follows;

  • 1 x 18650 Battery
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Charger (if you don’t already own one!)
  • 1 x Limitless Mod Co Body (of your choice)
  • 1 x Limitless Mod Co Sleeve (of your choice (well you wouldn’t want your mod to be naked!)).

Additional purchases include:

  • Limitless RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer). The box mod includes 2 x pre-built coils which you have to assemble yourself.
  • A coil making kit or some cotton to add to the 2 pre-built coils.

This is not a vape mod that is ready to use straight out of the box. Unless you don’t mind design mismatches and are happy to use another subohm tank, you will be required to build the limitless tank.


Limitless Black Aztec Sleeve

The design of the limitless mod (aluminium in this case) is flawless. It feels well built, the quality is unmatched by the ‘safer’ box mod designers and it is a real treasure to grasp in the palm of your hands. In the above picture we have attached the limitless black bandana sleeve and the engraving is so deep that it feels like a Mesopotamian sculpture uncovered by archaeologists from the dig sites in Giza.

The mod has a good weight to it, it feels sturdy and safe to use; as if the battery is locked behind a bombproof container so if the worst were to happen, your face would probably be safe!

There are a lot of different limitless sleeves and bodies themselves to choose from so you can really add your own personal touch to it.

The firing button is situated on the bottom of the mod. Whilst it can be tricky to press and grip the mod at the same time, it feels like once accomplished, you are vaping from something truly special.

Firing the mod

So, you’ve gone through the effort of building the atomiser, wicking the coils, priming the cotton and are ready to fire, what comes next is entirely worth the hassle.

The flavour, vape quantity and the boasted design make this mod a mind blowing experience. Provided your e-liquid is of a high quality (we tried it with our (soon to be released) raspberry cotton candy mix), your taste buds will feel like they are hosting an underground EDM rave (not our style, just our imagery). The vapour quantity is like mini nimbuses spawning from your lips.

We were very pleased with it.

Slight cons of the Limitless Mod

Even the greatest things have some cons, but these flaws will only be detested by intermediate level vapers (yes we have ranks now). Those of use who just want the only manual thing when it comes to vaping to be when we unscrew the cap and squeeze in our juice will see the following as cons:

  • As mentioned above, if you don’t mind your atty matching your mod then your dandy, but otherwise you will have to coil and wick the limitless atomisers yourself.
  • When placed flat, the limitless mod has a tendency to leak, this can occur more commonly if you have not wicked the coils correctly.
  • Batteries – who likes having to re-charge batteries. Make sure you have a spare as it can be a tedious wait.
  • The slight difficulty when trying to grip and fire with one hand.

All in all, the Limitless Mod is an excellent mod for the more experienced vapers, those who don’t mind getting their DIY hats on and making coils and wicking them. Props to Limitless Mod Co for designing something as beautiful as this.

Please note that mechanical vape mods are not for the inexperienced or feint hearted and certain risks arise with improper use of such devices.

So which would you choose? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe for more!

Happy Vaping!


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