Fellow Vapers,

I have discovered what seems to be an absolute masterpiece. I dare say the most quintessential mod in the vaping market today..

The SMOK Alien Kit!

Alien Kit by SMOK

The mod boasts a 220W power output as well as a sleek as hell body with coloured metal trimmings (of your choosing) and a carbon fiber type back.

It holds 2x 18650 batteries which can be replaced and charged within the mod! This is one of the most excellent features, the ability to plug in directly to the SMOK Alien Kit without having to take out your 18650 batteries and stick them in a charger for what feels like countless hours before you can vape again.


This mod feels solid. It has a firm metal casing that makes it a joy to hold in your hand, you feel like you can conqueror Olympus with the Alien Kit. It was almost as if SMOK molded the cusp of your hand so that the Alien Kit can fit perfectly within the palm; like a knights tailored sword, you are ready for the day with this mod.


The name resembles the mod. The advancement in technology within the vaping world has not ceased to amaze me thus far. It truly does look out of this world! The LED display is crisp and clear and provides lots of info regarding the status of the coils, the temperature of the atomizer and the percentage of battery you have left to a great degree of accuracy.

The Fire:

The 220W Alien kit enforces a fire button like no other. No more finger bashing like your laying your favourite Mortal Combat game. Instead, the fire button is placed like a grip trigger on the side of the mod. I cannot simply describe how much better this feels to press, you really need to try it for yourself.

As well as the trigger, the power output is insane. 220W is more than one would ever need to create clouds; infact, whilst roaming the streets of London parading my new Alien cloud making tech, I watched as a woman tried her best to duck under the fog I had created, I now know what it feels like to control the weather.

The Price:

The Alien Kit is not cheap, but it is definitely worth every penny. It feels like quality, fires like quality, and is really a mod that will last forever.

The Tank:

The provided TFV8 Baby Beast is the more compact version of the TFV8, now admittedly, I complained to SMOK for providing a tank that only has a max wattage capability of 80w, they proceeded to inform me that the other set of coils are capable of sustaining the power of the 220W output.

It looks gorgeous, provides insane flavours (I am discovering new flavours in liquids I have been vaping for months before) and the vape quantity is insane #cloudchasing.

We at Vaper Street rate the Smok Alien Kit 220W a solid 10/10.

Get your orders in along with one of our Cosmic Fog Euphoria blends and you will have a sensational vaping experience.

Happy Vaping!

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